No way! In the West Palatinate there is something to experience for young and old all year round. From folk festivals to live concerts, there is something for everyone.

Event calendar for West Palatinate

Event calendar

You want to know what's going on in the West Palatinate, where which event is offered? Then you've come to the right place! Whether it's a music event, a hike or a workshop - you're sure to find what you're looking for in the calendar of events for the entire West Palatinate region.

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Long Night of Culture

The largest cultural event in the region with countless performances at around 30 locations attracts thousands of culture enthusiasts to Kaiserslautern every year. For an entire evening, the city's museums and galleries, numerous regional and national artists, but also many amateur musicians and dancers show that the region has nothing to hide culturally.

Street Theater Festivals

If you are looking for a city festival with a special atmosphere, you will find it in the West Palatinate. Colorful theater groups, artists and musicians from all over Europe conquer the inner cities of Kaiserslautern and Zweibrücken for the street theater festivals there. In Kaiserslautern, the festival is held under the motto "Everything must go out" under the sign of diversity and inclusion.

City festivals

City festivals

The Palatinate people are a sociable people. So it can get quite narrow in the alleys during the numerous city festivals. The biggest of its kind is the Old Town Festival in Kaiserslautern with usually more than 200,000 visitors, who gather annually on the first weekend in July, followed by the Zweibrücker City Festival with about 100,000 people. Other city festivals in the region also attract many visitors every year and invite them to stay and enjoy a convivial time.

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Christmas markets

In the Christmas season it also becomes romantic in the West Palatinate. The Christmas markets in Kaiserslautern, Pirmasens and Zweibrücken lure visitors into the city centers for several weeks with delicacies and Palatinate mulled wine. If you are looking for a special experience, you will find it at the Romantic Forest Christmas in Johanniskreuz, for example, which usually attracts visitors from near and far on the last weekend before Christmas.

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Funfair & Co

For many West Palatinate people the "Kerwe" or "Kerb" in their home town is the event of the year. These folk festivals are correspondingly numerous and well attended. Food, drink, music as well as colorful rides and playgrounds are the proven recipe for a convivial time. The biggest event in the West Palatinate is probably the "Lautrer Kerwe". Many other festivals are certainly at least as worthwhile.

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Festival Euroclassic

Festival Euroclassic

The cross-border music festival has had a firm place in the region's calendar of events for around 30 years and has developed during this time into the second largest music festival in the southwest. Every year in autumn, the festival attracts friends of classical music to numerous concerts at different locations in the border area between France, Saarland and the West Palatinate over eight weeks.

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Wine & Beer Festivals

Wine & Beer Festivals

Wine festivals belong to the Palatinate just like the Oktoberfest belongs to Munich. So it is no wonder that some wine festivals are also on the agenda in the West Palatinate. If you are still a little thirsty, simply go on a wine hike. In addition, there are some beer festivals - why should one commit oneself unnecessarily to one drink?

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Besides the friends of the rather softer tones, other groups also get their money's worth. Some open-air music festivals ensure that the West Palatinate has its firm place in the festival calendar. At the probably best known event, the Pfeffelbach Open Air at Kusel, it can get a bit louder. Sounds from all over the world can be heard at the Ethno Music Camp of the Jeunesses Musicales Internationales, which takes place regularly at Lichtenberg Castle.

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Kammgarn Music festivals

Kammgarn Music festivals

With a series of extraordinary music festivals, the Kammgarn Cultural Center attracts music fans from a greater distance. The international festivals for blues and jazz have been firmly established for many years. The Festival of Cultures brings new momentum with a delightful mixture of representatives of world music.

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Sport events

The West Palatinate people are sports enthusiasts and the region is the perfect stage for a wide range of outdoor activities. The sporting events are accordingly numerous - from marathons to bicycle races. Those who don't want to win cups, but simply want to move around in the community will find the right thing for example at the car-free Lautertal or numerous hiking events.

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