The West Palatinate has developed into one of the most dynamic IT locations in Europe in recent years. Numerous institutes and innovative companies have settled in the area of the RPTU Kaiserslautern in particular. In addition, the region has retained its strength in the areas of metal and mechanical engineering and automotive – the backbone of a traditionally medium-sized, strongly export-oriented economy.

The Region West Palatinate

Are you not sure where the West Palatinate actually lies and what makes it up? Here you will find out in a nutshell!

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9 reasons for West Palatinate

Are you wondering why you should study, work or invest in the West Palatinate? We'll tell you!

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Regional core businesses

Many will not believe it: we are at the forefront worldwide in some industries. We'll show you!

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Data & Facts

Numbers sometimes say more than a thousand words. We have put together some interesting facts for you.

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