There is a lot to experience in the treetops of the Palatinate Forest. Treetop visitors shouldn’t be afraid of heights.

Kaiserslautern Climbing Forest

Kaiserslautern Climbing Forest

On 12 courses, three of which are specially designed for children, various challenges can be mastered at dizzy heights in the former K1 and in 2022 newly opened "Kletterwald Kaiserslautern" (Kaiserslautern Climbing Forest). The climbing park is also suitable for school classes, children's birthday parties or groups and clubs.

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tree top path Fischbach

tree top path Fischbach

Climb up into the treetops and see the Palatinate Forest from a different perspective - that's possible in Fischbach. The spiral slide and the 40 m high observation tower are just a few highlights of the trail. Children especially get their money's worth. Some sections are barrier-free, which gives everyone access to the treetops.

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