We have long been convinced of the strengths of our region. You are not yet? We have summarized the most important arguments for you.

Central Location

The proximity to the metropolitan regions of Rhein-Main and Rhein-Neckar and the Karlsruhe region is a significant location advantage.

International Competence

Over 50,000 Americans live in the West Palatinate. After more than 70 years of US presence, the West Palatinate has become the most English-speaking region in Germany, which makes it easy for other nations to gain a foothold here. People from around 140 nations have found a new home here.

Life quality

Nature is always close by. The West Palatinate people have been growing up close to nature since they were small. And even as an adult, they often go for a bike tour in the countryside or to climb the rocks after work. With us, the end of the working day quickly turns into a short vacation.


Freie Autobahnen, der ICE-Anschluss nach Paris und Mannheim sowie die Nähe zum Frankfurt Airport bilden ein überzeugendes Paket.

Starke Unternehmen

Zahlreiche innovative und international konkurrenzfähige kleine und mittelständische Unternehmen bilden das Rückgrat der Wirtschaft. Ein Branchenmix, der sich als krisensicher und zukunftsfähig erwiesen hat.


Egal ob Studentenwohnung, Baugrundstück oder die Weinschorle am Abend. Hier bekommen Sie einfach mehr für Ihr Geld als in den großen Metropolen!

Qualified professionals

Two technical universities at three locations and the proven dual training system create the prerequisites for qualified young people.

Top research

The Rheinland-Pfälzische Technische Universität, the university of applied sciences and several renowned research institutions with a focus on the IT sector provide impulses.

Innovative power

As the founding hotspot of Rhineland-Palatinate, the West Palatinate is on the move and has been captivating for centuries through its innovative strength. The strength of the West Palatinate lies in the ability to adapt to changing conditions with creative ideas.

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