In the Kaiserslautern area, those who want to benefit from the possibilities of the big city, but prefer to live outside, are particularly well looked after.

With over 100,000 residents and thousands of Americans, the Kaiserslautern district is the most populous district in the West Palatinate. It completely encloses the independent city of Kaiserslautern. In the south, the Palatinate Forest determines the picture, in the hilly terrain north of the upper center and in the Westrich Moordniederung village after village.

The district is characterized by the stationing of the US military in the vicinity of the Ramstein airfield. Here you will find the most important US air hub and the largest US hospital outside the USA, but also important facilities of the NATO. The Americans are also present in public life – especially in pubs, restaurants and excursion destinations.

In addition to the US military as an employer, the local companies ensure that there are numerous employment opportunities in the county. Thanks to the availability of space and a good infrastructure, numerous international businesses and an international school have settled, especially along the Homburg-Kaiserslautern axis. In addition, many residents naturally commute to the economic center of Kaiserslautern.

In the district, the advantages of being close to the place of work and the central facilities of the regional center can be combined with the option of being able to purchase a detached house at lower prices.

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VG Otterbach-Otterberg

Otterbach-Otterberg association

Because of its proximity to Kaiserslautern and the natural beauty of the Lauter and Otterbach valleys, the association community is a particularly popular place to live. The historic city center of Otterberg with the second largest church in the Palatinate region attracts visitors from the area.

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VG Ramstein-Miesenbach

Ramstein-Miesenbach association

The association community is strongly influenced by the US/NATO airfield Ramstein. The housing market, recreational facilities, restaurants and shops benefit from the members of the US armed forces and give the towns an international flair.

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VG Weilerbach

Weilerbach association

The localities of the Verbandsgemeinde are interesting for both US citizens and those who work in Kaiserslautern. Strengths: The physical proximity to numerous large employers and the good infrastructure. With almost 5,000 inhabitants, Weilerbach is the largest city in the municipality.

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VG Landstuhl

Landstuhl assocation

The US presence is also clearly visible in the western part of Landstuhl Association. The Landstuhl Old Town and Nanstein Castle are particularly popular with guests. Parts of the Sickinger Höhe and the Palatinate Forest with the local recreation destination Karlstal also belong to the community.

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VG Enkenbach-Alsenborn

Enkenbach-Alsenborn association

The association community impresses with its scenic highlights such as the Mehlinger Heide and the northern foothills of the Palatinate Forest as well as livable small towns in the area around Kaiserslautern. A6 and A63 ensure a direct connection to the larger centers.

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VG Bruchmühlbach-Miesau

Bruchmühlbach-Miesau association

The Verbandsgemeinde extends over parts of the Westricher Moorniederung with the main towns Bruchmühlbach and Miesau up to the Sickinger Höhe with more village-like structures. Many people who have found a job in the neighboring Saar Palatinate also live here.

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