The former shoe metropolis scores particularly well with its scenic surroundings and attractive property prices. However, not everyone has yet recognized the city’s strengths.

The city of Pirmasens has had to undergo profound structural change in the past decades. Hundreds of shoe factories were closed. There remained a few, but highly competitive producers. They continued the location’s shoe expertise or conquered new markets, making Pirmasens a fast-growing business location today.

When the Americans stationed in Pirmasens moved away in parts in the 1990s, space was freed up on which a part of the University of Kaiserslautern and numerous innovative companies could develop – an important growth impulse for the city.

In the past, many people moved to the surrounding area of Pirmasens – now the trend is going back to the city. In addition to low property prices and attractive new residential projects, it is above all the short distances to all important facilities that make the location interesting.

Like ancient Rome, Pirmasens was built on seven hills. The result is a varied cityscape with numerous views. A special quality feature of the location is the proximity to the hiking paradise Palatinate Forest, which begins right on the outskirts.

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