The health care system is constantly changing and, above all, growing. Irrespective of economic fluctuations, the health care sector is a stable industry that is characterized not only by comprehensive health care but also by ever better treatment methods and new technologies.

AOK Rheinland-Pfalz/Saarland
Sector: Health insurance company

AWO Pfalz
Sector: Free welfare work

Deutscher Caritasverband e. V.
Sector: Welfare Association

Diakoniezentrum Pirmasens
Sector: Diakonia, youth welfare service, living and care, hospice

Diakonissen Speyer
Sector: Nursing, care, consultation, hospice

Deutsches Rotes Kreuz e.V.
Sector: Rescue service

Evangelisches Diakoniewerk Zoar
Sector: Child and youth welfare, elderly care, integration assistance

Johanniter Regionalverband Westpfalz
Sector: Protestant relief organization

Lebenshilfe e.V.
Sector: Help for people with disabilities

Lutrina Klinik GbR
Sector: Hospital mainly for sports injuries

Medizinisches Versorgungszentrum Westpfalz
Sector: ENT, surgery, radiology, orthopedics, anesthesia, pain medicine

Nardini Klinikum
Sector: Hospital

Ökumenische Sozialstation
Sector: Care

Ökumenisches Gemeinschaftswerk Pfalz
Sector: Work, housing and consulting and support services

Protestantische Altenpflege Westpfalz
Sector: geriatric care

Sanitätshaus ANK
Sector: Orthopedic technology, rehabilitation, orthopedic shoe technology, medical supplies, home care

Sector: Hospital

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