The Erdekaut is a nature reserve that appeals to the photographer with multiple lakes and landscape formations – from animal photography to beautiful reflections in the sunrise in the lakes, which are abundant there. It is an El Dorado for nature photographers and also offers the opportunity for a day trip.
Professional tips:

    • Season: All year round
    • Time of day: 06:00 a.m. – 09:00 a.m. depending on the season
    • Weather: Clouds with sun spots, sun
    • Lenses: 16-35 mm, 35 mm, 24-70 mm, possibly 70-200 mm details, possibly for animals Tele 400 mm
    • Filter: Polarizing filter and soft gray gradient GND 16 or GND 8
    • Tripod: Yes
    • Location: After approx. 110 m from the Erdekaut parking area on the B47, a path leads to a goat enclosure on the right. After leaving a small pond on the right, after approx. another 160 m you approach the recording point at the main lake, which is on the left – i.e. towards the east. The photo spot point is directly on a massive park bench. When the sun rises behind the lake in autumn and spring, this lake with its reflections is an ideal place for special nature shots.
Directions and location:

The over 60 hectare large landscape protection area Erdekaut is located between Eisenberg and Hettenleidelheim to the majority east of the B47. You can reach Erdekaut via the motorway A6 (Saarbrücken-Mannheim), exit 18 Wattenheim, then onto the B47 in the direction of Eisenberg; alternatively, you can take the Eistalbahn railway (Grünstadt-Eiswoog), which stops at the Eisenberg train station.

Coordinates: 49.54649, 8.07268


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