The rock hiking trail Rodalben circles the village Rodalben on a distance of about 45 km. The circular trail was created by the Rodalben tourist office together with the Rodalben Palatinate Forest Association. It is a photo motif that you can visit all year round. There are hotspots from huge caves to great distant views, such as the Bear Cave, the Alte Burg, the Bruderfelsen and the Rappenfelsen.

Professional tips:

      Season: All year round, with ice and snow and in autumn the absolute highlights on the caves and rocks.
      Time of day: All day
      Weather: Sun and clouds, when light penetrates through the dense canopy in some places
      Lenses: 16-35 mm, 35 mm, 24-70 mm, 70-200 mm details
      Filter: Polarizing filter and soft gray gradient GND 16, GND 8 but also for long exposure at the waterfalls ND 8
      Tripod: Yes
      Location: After a 2 km long hike on a wide road that starts at the entrance of the parking lot to the Langenbachtal in Rodalben, you reach the narrow footpath on the left up to the bear caves. The junction is clearly marked by a large bear carved into sandstone. You leave the first cave with the waterfall on the left on the steep ascending footpath, continue to climb the path and after approx. 100 m you reach the second cave. The position for the photos was chosen to the left of the upper cave, as the light can be used there in the morning.

Directions and location:

Bear caves: Coming from Pirmasens, take the first street on the right (Langenbach), there is a parking spot for hikers on the left. From there a marked path leads about 2 km to the bear caves, which are divided into 2 different caves; the lower one with a waterfall that falls about 5 m over the edge of the cave, and the upper one, which is one of the largest sandstone caves in the Palatinate.

Coordinates: 44.22423, 7.61645


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