The “Elwetritsche”, the world axis and the wild woman of Kusel are legends that have made us shudder, laugh and be amazed since childhood. We show you the mystical side of the West Palatinate.

Die Pfälzer Weltachs

Palatinate World Axis

If you want to believe the words of the local poet Paul Münch, Waldleiningen is the center of the world. Deep in the forest between Waldleiningen and Johanniskreuz lies a huge sandstone block on the 459 m high Roßrück.

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Der Teufelstisch

The Devil's Table

Everyone in Dahner Felsenland knows how the Devil's Table was created. The physical wanted to rest and built a table from three rocks, at which he dined.

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Barbarossa und der Hecht

Barbarossa and the pike

Frederick II released the first pike in Kaiserwoog in 1230. This fish was caught 267 years later; it was six feet long and 350 pounds.

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Der schwarze Herrgott

The Black God

Saint Philip planted his mess vineyard here. In order not to have to walk 15 minutes to the monastery for prayer, he erected a cross that turned black over time.

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Hildegard von Hohenecken

Hildegard of Hohenecken

Beautiful Hildegard, who enjoyed hunting, met an old woman in the forest who could predict the future. She announced to Hildegard that one of her arrows would kill her fiance.

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Die Elwetritsch

The Elwetritsch

As a cross between chickens, geese, fairies and goblins, Elwetritsch has always been hunted in the woods during the new moon phase. A distinguishing feature is the long beak. In the Palatinate the Elwetritsche are very well known by the fountains of Gernot Rumpf.

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Die Schlangenkönigin

The Queen of snakes

A Hütterer girl stole the crown of the snake queen and took her into her Kate. When the queen noticed this, she wanted to repeat her possession; with bad consequences.

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Der Jungfernsprung

The maiden jump

When a robber knight tried to rob the innocence of a girl, the girl fled and jumped off the rock. She landed on the floor unscathed because her skirts caught her. A fountain was formed where it landed.

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Des Johannis Kreuz

The cross of Johannis

According to a legend, Knights Reinhard III von Hohenecken and Johannes von Willenstein struggled for dominance of the forest section near Trippstadt, which is why Johannes had a large stone cross built.

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Die Wildfrau von Kusel

The wild woman of Kusel

This Hun woman is considered a predator of sheep and other grazing animals in the Kuseler area. Even today, some men think that their wives are descended from the wild woman.

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Die Sage von Hans Trapp

The legend of Hans Trapp

The robber knight, who lived at Berwartstein Castle in the 15th century, is still considered a seducer of virgins and a child fright who accompanies the "Christkind" on Christmas Eve in eastern France.

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Sickingens Würfel

Dices of Sickingen

Franz of Sickingen, the knight who was said to have magical abilities, rolled the dice on the eve of the great siege of Nanstein Castle and threw the dice down in grief into the city.

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