We Palatinate are a sociable people. It is particularly cozy with good food and a glass of wine or beer. The countless festivals in the region make it clear that the joy of partying is in our blood! But of course we can do much more …

Especially the West Palatinate have learned that nothing falls in your lap. Prosperity was not based here on rich natural resources, but on hard work and ideas. The chaos of war and economic upheavals kept forcing people to start all over again.

Necessity is inventive and creativity, daring and openness to new ideas repeatedly laid the basis for new prosperity. The Palatinate not only know how to celebrate, but are also aware that something has to be done to ensure their existence. You tackle it and can rely on neighborly support.

In their history, the Palatinate has repeatedly welcomed immigrants – or set off on their own. As a newcomer you will not immediately become a local, but you will still be welcomed with warmth. This way strangers quickly become friends. Because if you come here, you will quickly feel at home.

People from around 140 nations live here. The largest English-speaking community in Germany is at home here. As a result, the West Palatinate, whether well traveled or not, has become increasingly international. And if you look closely, the West Palatinate are very different.

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