The Altschlossfelsen, also called “Eppenbrunner Schloss” are a 1.5 kilometer long rock formation in the municipality of Pirmasens-Land near the German-French border. They are located on the eastern slope of the 406 meter high Brechenberg in the local community of Eppenbrunn. The red sandstone rocks reach a height of about 20 meters and are considered the largest rock formation in the Palatinate. The rock reef consists of individual sandstone towers and walls and also allows the climber to discover traces of four medieval burghers. Access to the rock reef is possible via the Helmut Kohl hiking trail. The Old Castle Rocks offer a limited number of tours in easy to moderate difficulty.

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Fact sheet:

map marker alt icon Location: Eppenbrunn, municipality of Pirmasens-Land
globe icon Coordinates:

  • Eppenbrunner Turm: 49°6´15,8″N, 7°32´24,4″E
  • Wilhelmturm: 49°6´15,4″N, 7°32´23,3″E
  • Ottoturm: 49°6´15.5″N, 7°32´22,7″E
  • Jeanturm: 49°6´14,6″N, 7°32´20,9″E
  • Northern Massif: 49°6´8.0″N, 7°32´13,5″E

ruler vertical icon Maximum height: 23 meters
tachometer alt icon Difficulty: easy to moderate tours
readme icon Summit book: yes
sitemap icon 5 sectors: Eppenbrunner Turm, Wilhelmturm, Ottoturm, Jeanturm, Altschlossmassiv
star icon Special features: Temporary closure due to bird protection in spring possible. Visit in all seasons worthwhile.

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