Over time, logistics and transportation have evolved from a supporting industry to a core discipline of the economy. Interdisciplinary subject areas such as supply chain management have become indispensable in many areas. Added to this are the new developments of digitalization, which are leading to enormous innovations in the logistics industry and always keeping it fit for the future.

Aberle GmbH (Körber Gruppe)
Sector: Software systems for automated intralogistic systems,
Location: Dahn

Ambos Paletten
Sector: Transport, distribution, production and repair of pallets and box pallets,
Location: Zweibrücken

BAKO Logistiksysteme
Sector: Containers and packaging,
Location: Eisenberg

Sector: Container and shelf systems,
Location: Lauterecken

CP Schmidt
Sector: Packaging,
Location: Kaiserslautern

Dienes Packaging
Sector: Hollow packagings for liquids,
Location: Kaiserslautern

E.Chalo GmbH
Sector: Forwarding agency,
Location: Zweibrücken

G & G Preißer GmbH
Sector: Corrugated board packaging,
Location: Petersberg

Gebr. Mayer GmbH & Co.KG
Sector: Forwarding agency,
Location: Zweibrücken

Gillner Logistik GmbH
Sector: Forwarding agency,
Location: Zweibrücken

Gottardo Internationale Spedition
Sector: Forwarding agency,
Location: Höhfröschen

ISL Innovative System Logistik GmbH
Sector: Intelligent industry and system logistics and sophisticated assembly solutions,
Location: Zweibrücken

Kopp Verpackungen GmbH
Service: Packing and shipping,
Location: Höheischweiler

Langhammer GmbH
Sector: Transport and palletizing systems,
Location: Eisenberg

LTG – Landauer Transportgesellschaft Doll KG
Sector: Provision of logistics services,
Location: Zweibrücken

PKM Packaging GmbH
Sector: Automation of packaging lines,
Location: Pirmasens

Sector: Logistics Company,
Location: Ramstein-Miesenbach, Zweibrücken

Schneider Holzbearbeitung GmbH
Sector: Packaging, transport, storage, packaging services
Location: Zweibrücken

Wasem Logistik GmbH
Sector: Forwarding agency,
Location: Kaiserslautern

Westa GmbH Maschinenbau Fördertechnik
Sector: Conveyor belts etc.,
Location: Göllheim

Schreiner Transport
GmbH & Co. KG

Sector: Forwarding agency,
Location: Ramsen

Schumacher Packaging GmbH
Sector: Packaging, Logistics and Consulting/Service,
Location: Hauenstein

Sector: Logistics, industrial cleaning, assembly, quality and customer service in the automotive industry,
Location: Göllheim

Spedition + Containerdienst Steuerwald GmbH (Jakob Becker GmbH)
Sector: Storage of bulk and pallet goods, transport of products and waste,
Location: Eisenberg

Sander Möbelspedition GmbH
Sector: Furniture forwarding agency,
Location: Kaiserslautern

Sector: Logistics and forwarding,
Location: Pirmasens

Transporte JUNG Spedition e.K.
Sector: Forwarding agency,
Location: Enkenbach-Alsenborn

W. Mayer GmbH & Co. KG
Sector: Motor vehicle forwarding,
Location: Zweibrücken

WEIDLER Spedition GmbH
Sector: Forwarding agency,
Location: Thaleischweiler-Fröschen

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