Hidden in the middle of downtown Pirmasens is a bouldering facility where climbing fans can let off steam as they please. A 16-meter-wide area was demarcated on the existing rock wall next to the rock staircase for this purpose. In addition to the natural holds and footholds, additional plastic holds have been installed so that, as is usual for bouldering, no separate safety equipment is required. A soft gravel bed cushions landings from heights of up to four meters. The wall has six climbs and three traverses that can be climbed via continuous routes. These are designed in different degrees of difficulty, so that the wall can also be climbed by children. Access to the facility is via the Schäferstraße.
video slash icon Photo provided by the city of Pirmasens of the climbing rock (Photo: City of Pirmasens/Thomas Hutzler; 20211112_psp_2_bild.jpg).
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Fact sheet:

map marker alt icon Location: City of Pirmasens
globe icon Coordinates: 49°12‘1.843“N, 7°36‘8.996“E
ruler vertical icon Maximum height: 4 meters
tachometer alt icon Difficulty: Easy to moderate tours
readme icon Summit book: none
star icon Special features: Suitable for all ages and experience levels. Fall protection through a gravel bed.

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