The 35-meter-high “Schulerturm” is part of the Drachenfels castle complex in the local community of Busenberg in the Dahner Felsenland region, which was destroyed in 1523. According to estimates, the castle ruins were built in the 13th century on the Drachenfels rock, which is 150 meters long and 368 meters high in total. The “Schulerturm” is located in front of the castle complex and can be reached via the signposted hiking trail to the castle. The rock offers many tours to the summit, especially for experienced climbers. In addition to the “Schulerturm”, the keep called “Molar” can also be explored as part of the castle ruins, as well as the Heidenkammer on the massif opposite the ruin.

Fact sheet:

map marker alt icon Location: Busenberg, municipality of Dahner Felsenland
globe icon Coordinates: 49°7’20″N, 7°49’38″E
ruler vertical icon Maximum height: 35 meters
tachometer alt icon Difficulty: mainly moderate tours
readme icon Summit book: yes
sitemap icon 2 sectors: Ost- und Südseite, West- und Nordseite
star icon Special features: Part of the Drachenfels Castle. Climbing on the south side is also possible on sunny winter days.

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