From Marienthal, the bike course runs for over 40 kilometers always along the Appelbach to Bad Kreuznach.
This bike path runs along the Appelbach river, also called Appel, and leads from the Donnersberg region into the Nahe valley. If you start the tour in Marienthal, you cycle almost continuously downhill the entire route and first reach Würzweiler. From there, the route leads via Gerbach, Sankt Alban and Gaugrehweiler to Oberhausen an der Appel. Only a few kilometers further north are Münsterappel and Niederhausen an der Appel, which are also passed through. On the section between Niederhausen and Tiefenthal, you cross the border between the regions of West Palatinate and Rhine-Neckar. Until you reach Bad Kreuznach, you will pass through Neu-Bamberg, Wöllstein, Badenheim and Pfaffen-Schwabenheim. With one short exception between Tiefenthal and Neu-Bamberg, the tour runs on its own paths.
If you want to challenge yourself a bit more, you can also take the route in the direction of the flow of the Appel river from Bad Kreuznach to Marienthal.
Treasures along the way


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