From the source to the mouth of the Selz river, this cycle path leads in many loops from Orbis to Ingelheim am Rhein.
The cycle path along the Selz starts at the source of the Selz near Orbis. Via Mauchenheim, the route descends gently for about ten kilometres to Alzey. If you wish, you can make a short detour here to visit the town of the Nibelungen. With gentle climbs, the route continues to Gau-Odernheim and from there along vineyard paths to Bechtolsheim. This section of the route offers impressive views over the surrounding countryside. The route now leads through the towns of Friesenheim, Köngernheim and Hahnheim to Nieder-Olm. The route continues through the wine-growing countryside to Stadecken-Elsheim, Schwabenheim an der Selz and Großwinternheim, where you can also make a short stop for refreshments. The destination Ingelheim am Rhein is reached after about ten more kilometres, where the Selz flows into the Rhine in the Frei-Weinheim district.


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