The West Palatinate economy is broadly based. In some branches of the industry, special areas of expertise have developed that form the basis for growth in our region.

Die Zukunft des Automobils

Automotive, Automation and E-Technology

The West Palatinate has automotive expertise in its blood. No cars are made here, but without the parts produced in the region they would look like a complete fool. We are also at the forefront of the trend towards e-mobility.

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Werkstoff-Technologie und Recycling

Materials Technology and Recycling

From plastics to textiles and leather to highly complex composite materials, the West Palatinate companies use a wide variety of materials. A new growth area is emerging with new recycling technologies.

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Metall, Maschinenbau und Elektroindustrie

Metal, Mechanical Engeneering and Electrical industry

Countless small and medium-sized companies in metal and mechanical engineering form a network of expertise that builds on constant innovations and centuries of tradition in metal processing.

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Logistik und Verpackung

Logistics and packaging

In times of lean production and just-in-time delivery, companies from this field of competence lay the foundation for smooth production processes in the economy. The spectrum ranges from the manufacture of packaging machines to logistics services.


IT-Systems, Software and Artificial Intelligence

The greater Kaiserslautern area is also known as "Silicon Wood". Not without reason! Finally, a globally recognized IT cluster has formed on the edge of the Palatinate Forest.

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