The Salzwoog Devil’s Table (Salzwooger Teufelstisch) in the local community of Lemberg is considered the second largest of around 20 mushroom rocks in the Palatinate Forest. The rock is located at an altitude of about 300 meters and, according to its name, consists of a “table top” resting on a “table foot”. In addition, according to legend, the devil has done his mischief on this rock. The rock can be reached, for example, via the Pirmasens-Belfort long-distance hiking trail. The routes at the Salzwoog Devil’s Table are limited to moderately difficult routes. Those who like the mushroom rocks can visit the Kaltenbach Devil’s Table in the immediate vicinity. This is considered a tourist landmark of the municipality of Hinterweidenthal, which is why increased tourist activity is to be expected here.

Fact sheet:

map marker alt icon Location: Lemberg, municipality of Pirmasens-Land
globe icon Coordinates:

  • Boulderfels: 49°9´36.4″N, 7°42´12.6″E
  • Salzwooger Teufelstisch: 49°9´37.4″N, 7°42´15.7″E
  • Ostgratfels: 49°9´38,1″N, 7°42´18.2″E

ruler vertical icon Maximum height: 19 meters
tachometer alt icon Difficulty: moderate tours
readme icon Summit book: yes
sitemap icon Sectors: none
star icon Special features: The second largest mushroom rock in the Palatinate Forest.

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