The family-friendly “Palatinate Lakes Tour” offers a varied picture with beautiful bodies of water that invite you to linger and relax for a short while.

The 64-kilometre Palatinate Lakes Tour starts at Landstuhl railway station. The route first leads to the FFH area Westricher Moorniederung with the first of six water bodies – the Kranichwoog in Hütschenhausen. From there, the route continues via Hauptstuhl to Bruchmühlbach-Miesau, where the fishing pond is reached in the Vogelbach district. If you follow the course of the route, you will approach the Saarland-Rhineland-Palatinate border in Waldmohr, but you will not cross it. Along the Mohrmühlweiher, also called Motschweiher, you cycle to Schönenberg-Kübelberg. There you can take a short break at the Ohmbachsee, the largest still water in the West Palatinate. Now that you have completed almost half of the route, the path continues via Nanzdietschweiler, Niedermohr and Steinwenden to the Seewoog in Miesenbach. Passing Ramstein-Miesenbach, the route continues to Kindsbach to the Silbersee lake before reaching the railway station in Landstuhl again.


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